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2.1 Operator cannot create 2.0 control plane prometheus proxy


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      2.1 Operator cannot create 2.0 control plane prometheus proxy

      Brian found a blocking issue when we create 2.0 control plane using 2.1 daily build operator. The prometheus pod stuck at 2/3 running. The following is the error logs

      prometheus-proxy container

      2021/08/12 16:55:52 provider.go:120: Defaulting client-id to system:serviceaccount:istio-system:prometheus
      2021/08/12 16:55:52 provider.go:125: Defaulting client-secret to service account token /var/run/secrets/kubernetes.io/serviceaccount/token
      2021/08/12 16:55:52 oauthproxy.go:203: mapping path "/" => upstream "http://localhost:9090/"
      2021/08/12 16:55:52 oauthproxy.go:230: OAuthProxy configured for  Client ID: system:serviceaccount:istio-system:prometheus
      2021/08/12 16:55:52 oauthproxy.go:240: Cookie settings: name:_oauth_proxy secure(https):true httponly:true expiry:168h0m0s domain:<default> samesite: refresh:disabled
      2021/08/12 16:55:52 main.go:156: using htpasswd file /etc/proxy/htpasswd/auth
      2021/08/12 16:55:52 http.go:107: HTTPS: listening on [::]:3001
      I0812 16:55:52.703856       1 dynamic_serving_content.go:130] Starting serving::/etc/tls/private/tls.crt::/etc/tls/private/tls.key

      prometheus container

      level=info ts=2021-08-12T16:55:57.289Z caller=main.go:783 msg="Completed loading of configuration file" filename=/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml
      level=info ts=2021-08-12T16:55:57.289Z caller=main.go:638 msg="Server is ready to receive web requests."
      level=error ts=2021-08-12T16:56:02.296Z caller=manager.go:123 component="scrape manager" msg="error creating new scrape pool" err="error creating HTTP client: unable to load specified CA cert /etc/istio-certs/root-cert.pem

      istio-proxy log in attachments

      Note: If we install 2.1 SMCP first and then delete and reinstall 2.0 SMCP using the 2.1 operator, it works fine. But if we create 2.0 SMCP in the initial run , it failed.

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            yuaxu@redhat.com Yuanlin Xu
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