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Upgrade to Loki v2.9.3


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    • Log Storage - Sprint 246, Log Storage - Sprint 247

      Upgrade Loki Operator to use Loki v2.7.z:

      • Create upstream-v2.7.z branch on openshift/loki
      • Add OWNERS file to upstream-v2.7.z
      • Add OCP-based Dockerfiles for Loki and Promtail in upstream-v2.7.z
      • Ensure image mirroring of v2.7.z on quay.io/openshift/logging for Loki and Promtail
      • Switch Operator references to use v2.7.z
      • Switch OpenShift Logging 5.y.z (N-1) and 5.y (main) midstreams to use branch upstream-v2.7.z for Loki
      • Sync upstream grafana/loki main into openshift/loki main

      Developer Notes

      1. Link all Pull and Merge requests for accomplishing the upgrades in this single task and NOT on the subtasks.

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            ptsiraki@redhat.com Periklis Tsirakidis
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