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[Operator] Support Data Index Deployment on Kubernetes


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      Currently, the only way to use Data Index on Kubernetes is the SonataFlow in dev mode. It's an embedded version not suitable for production usage.

      Ideally, the operator should be able to:

      1. Deploy one Data Index per Namespace. It could be attached to a SonataFlowPlatform instance
      2. Configure Data Index to use the preferred messaging method: either Kafka or Knative
      3. Configure Data Index Postgres connectivity
      4. Configure the SonataFlow instances within the namespace to use the deployed Data Index.

      This EPIC's scope is:

      1. Assess a manual Data Index deployment and configuration to serve as a basis to automate the deployment and management by the operator.
      2. Implement the actual Data Index management by the operator (one instance per namespace).

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