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Creating a new process with "-" in VSCode generates incorrect Process ID


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      • create a new bpmn file in VScode with name "my-process.bpmn"
      • start quarkus.
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    • 2021 Week 10-12 (from Mar 8)

      By default, the tooling is generating a process-id that is invalid to the runtime.


      In VSCode, if you create a process with "-" in the filename,  i.e., "my-process", the editor is generating an invalid process ID "my-process". The IDs "myprocess" or "my_process" would be valid IDs.


      See example in the screenshots. 

      Image: error.png -> file created in VSCode. Notice the process ID and the error in the logs.

      Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Process id 'My-process' is not valid


      Images: no-error1 and no-error2 - > process ID name changed, removed the - from the name. Notice the error no longer shows up.

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