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@UseAsyncMethod doesn't seem to work on JBoss


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      I developed the following WS endpoint that uses @UseAsyncMethod:

      public class GreetingServiceImpl implements GreetingService {
          public String hello(String name) { ... }
          public Future<HelloResponse> helloAsync(final String name, final AsyncHandler<HelloResponse> asyncHandler) { ... }

      My expectation with @UseAsyncMethod is that whenever the hello() operation is invoked helloAsync() is eventually executed on JBoss (WildFly 8 or EAP 6). However, it really is not.

      I tested the same endpoint by launching it using Endpoint.publish(...) as well and it works as expected, so I don't think it's an issue with CXF itself but with JBoss WS integration.

      Attached please see the complete reproducer project async.zip for detail.

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