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[BPMN] Open subprocesses in a new editor (BC only)


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    • 2021 Week 07-09 (from Feb 15), 2021 Week 10-12 (from Mar 8)

      Goal: Ability to navigate to a subprocess definition by opening it in a new editor.

      Users expectations: User should be able to open the sub-process from the open editor without using asset library and manual search.

      Spaces: Business Central


      • goal: open subprocess in a NEW editor (depends on the channel). For instance, notice parent and child processes will end up on different editors, so no editor's state sharing will be available (undo/redo, copy/paste)
      • Way: Navigation to subprocess - By using a toolbox button (eg: a new button just below delete icon, as DMN does)
      • single source BPMN/XML file, for each process
      • Error handling (file not found, etc)


      • always open in edit mode (no read-only)
      • user navigation parent <-> child editors
      • any process scope / context should be inherited from parent
      • any interference between editors expected? should child notify parents at some point

      Acceptance criteria

      • The feature is targeting only Process Editor in Business Central (kogito channels are excluded from this ticket, see KOGITO-4448).
      • During authoring processes, when click on the toolbox button of reusable sub-process, the linked process will be opened as a separate asset.




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