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Stunner - Usability improvements around selection / drag capabilities


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      Stunner - Usability improvements around selection / drag capabilities
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      To Do
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      2020 Week 19-21 (from May 4), 2020 Week 22-24 (from May 25), 2020 Week 25-27 (from Jun 15), 2020 Week 28-30 (from Jul 6), 2020 Week 31-33 (from Jul 27), 2020 Week 34-36 (from Aug 17), 2020 Week 37-39 (from Sep 7)
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      Main goal for this task is to provide better end user experience when playiing with the different Stunner based editors (BPMN, DMN), just focusing on basic/common actions such as node/s selection and connector/s' waypoints handling or dragging.

      The idea behind it is to fix some known bugs around selection capabilities, and other issues related to mouse interactions, also adding some improvements on the usablity and the way events are being handled.

      It will benefit both BC and kogito tooling.

      • Toolbox - Remove/reduce animations around showing or hiding the toolbox on selection, the final experience results slow for end users
      • Lienzo multiple selection drag-and-drop - In pure lienzo, when multiple shapes are selected and then dragged and dropped multiple times by clicking on different shapes in the selection. At least one shape moves to the top of the selection shape causing the deselection of the other shapes. In addition, the group selection is forced to the top by multiple calls to the method moveUp while dragging. These calls it can be optimized to a single call.
      • Scrollbars moving on click - With a diagram long vertically, scroll to the very bottom of the diagram and then click repeatedly on a blank area around the last coponent in the vertical. It will causes the scrollbar to move alone some pixels. The canvas bounds are being reacalculated and the scrollbars position updated on every click. It can be optimized to updated the scrollbars positions only if there are changes in the canvas bounds.

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