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Add support for SAR projects


    • JBoss Developer Studio now supports the deployment of standalone SAR projects. To undertake this a new wizard has been created to take a user through the process. For further information see the relevant documentation accompanying this release.
    • Documented as Resolved Issue

      While working on JBIDE-9127, it appeared to me you can not deploy standalone SAR projects (a jar with a .sar extension, capable of embedding other jars) in JBT.
      This is because the JBoss AS server adapters need a new Module type to be able to perform the actual deployment.
      But in order to add such module, we need some sort of marker to identify SAR projects, most probably a new Facet.

      Sooooo, ideally we'd need to :

      • create a new SAR Facet. Installing the SAR Facet would create, if needed, an empty jboss-service.xml file in <some configurable source folder>/META-INF/
      • add the ability to include/exclude files from being deployed (using filesets)
      • Add a new Server Module / Factory, capable of dealing with SAR projects. SAR could be deployed either as compressed archive or in an exploded form
      • Add a new Wizard, to be able to create SAR archives

      From my understanding, this is pretty similar to what's been done for ESB projects.

      Question : where would such plugins/features be kept? ESB has its own module. Adding a new SAR module or putting it under AS wouldn't feel right IMHO.
      I would suggest to rename the ESB module as JBossPackaging (similar to http://mojo.codehaus.org/jboss-packaging-maven-plugin) and put the SAR stuff next to the ESB stuff.

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