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.sar file cannot be included in .ear file


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      I need a .ear file which contains a .sar file (service archive for JBoss). Such a .sar file is declared in META-INF/jboss-app.xml of the EAR project "hska" as follows:

      I have a "General Project" named hskaSAR which has a META-INF subdirectory for the xml files of the .sar file. Creating hskaSAR/hska.sar via the "Project Archives" view of JBoss Tools works fine. However, there is no possibility to include the .sar file within the (exploded) .ear.

      I tried to edit and extend the file .settings/org.eclipse.wst.common.component within the EAR project as follows:
      <dependent-module deploy-path="/" handle="module:/classpath/lib/hskaSAR/hska.sar">

      However, this workaround doesn't work.

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