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Easily adding full JBoss AS source




      The JBoss AS server runtime from JBoss tools adds a library container to the classpath of an Eclipse project. This container provides a large amount of jar files that make up JBoss AS itself and the Java EE services it offers.

      Attaching the source code for this is notoriously difficult. Because it concerns a large amount of jar files, attaching source code for each jar is a rather tedious job.

      For JBoss AS 5, the fact that the location of jars in the source archive was completely different from the structure exposed in Eclipse or the binary build of JBoss AS, made it very hard to actually locate the correct source jar. Sometimes even names were different, making it even harder.

      For JBoss AS 6, the source archive does not even contain the source for the majority of the JBoss AS artifacts. Source for 'core functionality' (from the point of view of the Java EE developer), like Servlet and JSF is missing. The user has to hunt the Internet to find the correct source for the correct version that JBoss AS 6 uses. This makes an already tedious job even more tedious.

      I would like to request functionality where the user can point to a single jboss-src.xyz file that contains all sources. JBoss tools should then automatically attach the right source from the archive to the right jar from the library container. Alternatively the user could point to a maven repository (but this should not make the Eclipse project dependent on maven).


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