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Pod Log, Port Forwarding: when using bogus oc, log console shows up empty & port forwarding isn't functioning


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    • 4.9.0.AM1
    • 4.6.0.Final
    • openshift
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    • devex #152 July 2018
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      • Setup:
        1. ASSERT: use the code that in the PR for JBIDE-25700
        2. ASSERT: make sure you have an app with a pod running in OpenShift
        3. EXEC: open OpenShift preferences and point it to an oc that is a bogus executable file (that you created ex. by doing "touch oc && chmod +x oc")
      • Port Log:
        1. EXEC: in OpenShift Explorer: select the pod and pick "Pod Log..."
        2. Result:
          The "Console" view shows up but nothing happens, there's no output.
      • Port Forwarding:
        1. EXEC: in OpenShift Explorer: select the pod and pick "Port Forwarding..."
        2. ASSERT: Port Forwarding wizard shows up listing the forwardable ports, the "Status" column shows them "Stopped"
        3. EXEC: hit "Start All" button
        4. Result:
          Port forwarding is not started, the "Status" column for the ports stays "Stopped"

            adietish@redhat.com André Dietisheim
            adietish@redhat.com André Dietisheim
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