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Server adapter: support hot-deployment on OpenShift for SpringBoot app


      currently, Springboot jar projects (such as Fuse Integration Services) are rsynced with a zipped jar file.
      The requirements are:

      • rsync unpacked jar
      • rsync without the jar name as folder
      • it will will work only if springboot devtool are included (so maybe need some dialog guiding user to do i in case it is not activated)

      use case "Develop SpringBoot application deployed on OpenShift as any other applications in JBoss Tools":

      • there is a SpringBoot app deployed on OpenShift
      • the developer want to develop evolution of the SpringBoot app
        • when he/she modifies the project, the application needs to be automatically updated on OpenShift instance
        • Remote java debug should be available when the OpenShift server adapter is in debug mode.


      1. EXEC: create a project in your OpenShift server (ex. camel-ose-springboot)
      2. EXEC: Import project within fuse-on-openshift.zip into your workspace
      3. EXEC: open launch configuration and change:
        • -Dkubernetes.master= so that it first your cdk instance
        • -Dkubernetes.namespace= to the name of the project that you create in step 1.
        • -Dfabric8.generator.from=fabric8/s2i-java
      4. EXEC: run the launch config (that is included in the project), so that the project gets deployed to OpenShift (cdk)
      5. ASSERT: your project in OpenShift now contains a service *camel-ose-springboot-xml*, the pod for it is running.
      6. EXEC: in OpenShift Explorer: select this service and create a server adapter for it (Server Adapter.. in the context menu for the service)
      7. ASSERT: server adapter is created and is [started]
      8. EXEC: in OpenShift Explorer: pick Pod Log... in the context menu for the pod of your service)
      9. ASSERT: pod log is opened in "Console" view and shows an output with random numbers in the end
        simple-route - >>> 455
        simple-route - >>> 695
        simple-route - >>> 935
      10. EXEC: In Project Explorer: open class MyTransformer and change the transform method
      11. ASSERT: "Console" view is opened and shows how the server adapter is publishing the MyTransformer class to the pod

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