Runtimes plugin currently only has a handful of plugins (4), but sits at the top of the dependency tree. It depends on astools, seam, and has soft dependencies (via services) to project examples.

      In order to move runtimes down the stack, and make it a low-level component which others depend on, the following should be done:

      1) disable the plugins and from the build

      2) Clone (and its feature) into the seam component, but do not enable in build

      3) Clone (and feature) into the astools component, but do not enable in build

      4) Without these two plugins and features, runtimes can safely be moved down the stack. This will require the build team to put runtimes lower on the build train. This should not affect anyone that CURRENTLY depends on runtimes, since it will still be available, only sooner. This will allow MORE plugins to depend on runtimes.

      5) Once runtimes (without it's as and seam detectors) is in the build and building properly, then we can:

      6) Enable the new plugin and feature in astools

      7) enable the new plugin and feature in seam

      8) Once the new plugins are alive and building, we can safely remove the old ones from the runtimes svn tree.

        Gliffy Diagrams


          1. runtimepatch.v5.patch
            267 kB
            Rob Stryker
          2. runtimes_pushdown.patch
            208 kB
            Rob Stryker
          3. runtimes_pushdown.v2.patch
            214 kB
            Rob Stryker
          4. runtimes_pushdown.v3.patch
            216 kB
            Rob Stryker
          5. runtimes_pushdown.v4.patch
            180 kB
            Rob Stryker

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