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create Jenkins jobs to build + publish JBT & JBDS Core Central discovery plugins


      Instead of tightly coupling the central discovery plugin [1] into the central component builds, we need a way to respin this single plugin (and matching jbosstools-directory.xml file) in case there are out-of-band changes needed (eg., remove JRebel because they release a newer version which breaks in Central).

      [1] https://anonsvn.jboss.org/repos/jbosstools/trunk/central/plugins/org.jboss.tools.central.discovery/

      Max would like that we NO LONGER build this plugin as part of the whole central component / aggregate sites, but ONLY be buildable separately.

      Also need to ensure that update sites no longer include central discovery plugins / *-directory.xml files so they won't be accidentally installed by a user who doesn't read instructions.

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