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Java runtime options checks fail on OCP 4.14


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    • 7.4.14.CR2
    • 7.4.14.CR2
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      Several tests checking java options for memory and CPU limits started to fail in 7.4.14. It seems it is OCP version related as it worked on 4.13 cluster and stopped working on 4.14 and 4.15. E.g. JAVA_INITIAL_MEM_RATIO is set to 50 and test checks java opts to contain on of the "-Xms256m" and "-Xmx512m", but any of those were found as it resulted in "-Xmx1303m" (see the attached debug log runtime-opts-1-bhdx2-runtime-opts.log, for the comparison there is a log runtime-opts-1-fxcb8-runtime-opts_4_10.log from the 4.10 cluster where the Xmx is set correctly).

      It seems this commit for the cct_module is missing for the EAP 74 images.

      This issue affects all the 7.4.14.CR2 images.

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