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[GSS](7.4.z) WFCORE-6442 - ModuleSpecification discards dependency information


      The fix for JBEAP-24443 assumes that two ModuleDependency objects with the same ModuleIdentifier are equal, and thus ModuleSpecification discards any provided ModuleDependency if it already has one for the same identifier. But that is not a valid assumption, as different artifacts in a deployment can have their own dependency information. For example an ear's root MANIFEST.mf can have Dependencies: foo while it's lib/alib.jar's MANIFEST.mf can have Dependencies: foo export services metainf. The JBEAP-24443 changes results in discarding important data.

      A possible fix for this is to make ModuleDependency and FilterSpecification override equals and hashcode and check for duplicate ModuleDependencies instead of duplicate identifiers.

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