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Chapter 2. "Using Maven..." needs EAP and artifacts version update


      I would like to underline that the https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/jboss_enterprise_application_platform_continuous_delivery/13/html/development_guide/using_maven_with_eap documentation obviously has an old version 7.1.0.GA at following places:

      • unzipped repository path/directory names (2.1.3 section, Example: Maven Settings File)
      • checksums.txt ( section)
      • artifacts version (2.3.3 section, Dependency Management, JBoss EAP Client BOMs, etc.)
      • other places.

      Also at 2.3.3 section (Supported Maven Artifacts) the hibernate-core now has a newer version. jboss-javaee-7.0 artifact in JBoss EAP Java EE Specs BOM part also needs version update.

      I would like to request the documentation fixes for the current CD and Beta streams.

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