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Find a way to set up / install EAP6/WFK repos (automatically)



      We need to find a way to let users easily use the EAP6 / WFK maven repos.

      Basically, it boils down to 2 use cases :
      1 - The user wants to use the repos from his enterprise repository manager
      2 - The user wants to install the repos locally

      Installation / configuration of the repos can be done either via the JBDS installer (Burr's idea) or a JBDS plugin (Max's idea).
      1 - If the user chooses to use a remote repo, then may be open a page detailing the required steps to install EAP6/WFK on nexus/artifactory/archiva. I'm not sure this would be necessary since Joe developper will probably won't have the rights to manage his enterprise repo management app. So we might as well bail and assume he has everything configured.

      2 - The user chooses to install the repos locally.
      We can detect if the repos are already configured before continuing : Check if one remote repository already contains specific jars only available in EAP6/WFK repos or look for a specific snippet in the user / global settingsea.

      • if nothing is found, unzip and either ask the user to change his settings manually (showing him the right xml snippet) or do it automatically for him (by adding a new profile activated by default)

      Question is : where are the repos coming from? will they be publicly available, i.e. easily downloadable?

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