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Hypershift API for assigning custom network interfaces to KubeVirt NodePool


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      We need the ability to configure a KubeVirt platform NodePool to use a custom network interface (not the default pod network) when creating the VMs.

      Since cloud-provider-kubevirt will not be able to mirror LBs when a NodePool is not on a OVNKubernetes defined network, we'll need to make sure cloud-provider-kubevirt's LB mirroring behavior is disabled when custom networks are in use.


      The scenarios that we need to cover are the ones extracted from the notes doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zzyHxUEPyEM4hgRh_jww4gRIKJhRTxYeKeSYhxw-pDc/edit



      • Secondary network as single interface for VM
      • Multiple Secondary Networks as multiple interfaces for VM
      • Secondary network + pod network (default for kubelet) as multiple interfaces for VM

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