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[Test execution] - Operator installation and KUTTL Tests | OCP 4.10


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    • 1.8.4
    • 1.8.4
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    • GITOPS Sprint 242

      Install the operator from Operator hub and run Kuttl tests as part of 1.8.4 release.

      Test Steps:

      1. Clone https://gitlab.cee.redhat.com/gitops/gitops-components-automated-testing 
      2. Checkout to the release-1.8 branch
      3. Run $ make prepare-operator after setting QUAY_USER and IIB_ID
      4. Once the catalog source is available, install the operator from operator hub
      5. Clone https://gitlab.cee.redhat.com/gitops/operator-e2e/-/tree/master/gitops-operator 
      6. Change directory to gitops-operator and run
        1. kubectl kuttl test ./tests/sequential --config ./tests/sequential/kuttl-test.yaml
        2. $kubectl kuttl test ./tests/parallel --config ./tests/parallel/kuttl-test.yaml
      7. For running a particular test, pass the test name along with --test flag 

      More info: https://gitlab.cee.redhat.com/gitops/operator-e2e/-/blob/master/gitops-operator/README.md 

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • Both Sequential and Parallel suites are executed 
      • Results have been logged

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