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Only install ConsoleLink if respective API exists on target cluster (1.6.2)


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    • In OpenShift 4.12, the console will be an optional install. This fix updates the GitOps Operator to prevent problems with the operator if the console. is not installed.
    • GITOPS Sprint 225

      As of the following information received for upcoming changes in OCP 4.12:

      With 4.12 OpenShift console will be an optional component (part of the composable OpenShift effort / CONSOLE-3160). When it’s not installed, console CRDs like ConsoleLink, ConsoleCLIDownload, ConsoleYAMLSample, and ConsoleQuickStart won’t be available on the cluster. Make sure operators/or inbuilt capability don’t fail when the CRD is missing.

      We need to ensure in the Operator to only install the Argo CD ConsoleLink if the API is available in the target cluster.
      The change needs to be backported to all OpenShift GitOps versions supported on OCP 4.12.

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