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Not owned by argocd app Openshift Resources become out-of-sync


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      Upstream issue: https://github.com/argoproj/argo-cd/issues/5792

      The customer is managing the "custom-ca" ConfigMap for an OCP cluster through GitOps. But after adding this to ArgoCD, the "openshift-user-ca" ConfigMaps in the same namespace ("openshift-controller-manager") getslabeled as being managed by the argocd app and now it wants to get purged, since it is not managed by that ArgoCD Application.

      The customer added "IgnoreExtraneous" to the configmap in "openshift-config", which shows the ArgoCD app in sync now. But still the CM in the "openshift-controller-manager" ns named "openshift-user-ca" shows up to be purged.

      Expected behaviour: If "IgnoreExtraneous" is specified, the ConfigMap is not showing up to be purged and the app is in sync.

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