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Refactored CertSignerController needs to garbage collect unused node certs


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    • OCPSTRAT-1104 - [etcd] manual rotation of etcd signer certs when the cluster is still online
    • ETCD Sprint 249, ETCD Sprint 250

      Refactoring in ETCD-512 does not clean up certificates that are dynamically generated. Imagine you're recreating all your master nodes everyday, we would create new peer/serving/metrics certificates for each node and never clean them up.

      We should try to be conservative when cleaning them up, so keep them around for a certain retention period (7-10 days?) after the node went away.


      • CEO should clean up old-enough "node" certificates

            tjungblu@redhat.com Thomas Jungblut
            tjungblu@redhat.com Thomas Jungblut
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