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Use the library-go cert rotation controller in etcd-operator


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    • OCPSTRAT-1104 - [etcd] rotation of etcd signer certs when the cluster is still online
    • ETCD Sprint 247, ETCD Sprint 248, ETCD Sprint 249

      This spike explores using the library-go cert rotation utils in the etcd-operator to replace or augment the existing etcdcertsigner controller.


      The goal of this spike is to evaluate if the library-go cert rotation util gives us rotation capabilities for the signer cert along with the peer and server certs.

      There are a couple of issues to explore with the use of the library-go cert signer controller:

      • The etcd cluster is currently configured with a single CA for etcd's peer and server certs, whereas the library-go controller would require using different CAs for the peer and server certs.
      • We also need to consider how upgrades would be handled, i.e if we change to using two new CAs, would our new certsignercontroller handle that transparently?

            tjungblu@redhat.com Thomas Jungblut
            rhn-coreos-htariq Haseeb Tariq
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