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[AMQ 7, ha, replicated store] backup broker appear not to go "live" or shutdown after - ActiveMQIllegalStateException errorType=ILLEGAL_STATE message=AMQ119026: Backup Server was not yet in sync with live


    • Release Notes
    • Removing the paging disk of a master broker while a backup broker is trying to sync with the master broker causes the master to fail. In addition, the backup broker cannot become live because it continues trying to sync with the master.
    • Documented as Known Issue
    • AMQ Broker 1845, AMQ Broker 1848, AMQ Broker 0219, AMQ Broker 0519, AMQ Sprint 3219, AMQ Sprint 3519, AMQ Broker 3819, AMQ Broker 4219

      Summary : When the backup is trying to sync with the master and the master stops (due to paging disk missing) the backup will then try to become live. As expected - it fails as it has not sync'd fully with the original live server. Problem: The broker appears to stay in this state it does not shutdown or go back to backup. I would expect it to either to shutdown or restart as a backup broker.

      Detail description:

      • if both live (master broker) and backup (slave broker) have been stopped.
      • the master broker configured to be "live" is started and the paging directory (disk) is not there, it can still be started as live.
      • the slave broker is started and tries to sync with it and "live" master broker realises it has no paging directory and shuts down. (as expected)
      • the backup detects the live has shutdown and is being promoted to live. It then hits the following exception and does not appear to go live.
      • the slave broker detects the "live" has gone tries to go to "live" and throws the following exception
      2018-08-09 15:26:56,369 ERROR [org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.server] AMQ224000: Failure in initialisation: ActiveMQIllegalStateException[errorType=ILLEGAL_STATE message=AMQ119026: Backup Server was not yet in sync with live]
      	at org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.server.impl.SharedNothingBackupActivation.run(SharedNothingBackupActivation.java:316) [artemis-server-2.6.1.amq-720005.jar:2.6.1.amq-720005]
      	at org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.server.impl.ActiveMQServerImpl$ActivationThread.run(ActiveMQServerImpl.java:3130) [artemis-server-2.6.1.amq-720005.jar:2.6.1.amq-720005]
      • if the master broker is restarted (with the disk back in place) the master goes to live but the slave broker does not appear to go to backup. It appears to remain in that state.

      I would have expected the broker to restart as a backup broker.

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