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      As a developer, I want to be able to follow a design-first approach to developing my APIs by defining the API prior to implementing it. My organization has deployed OpenShift as our DevOps platform and I want to access an API designer as a service within the OpenShift service catalog.

      Creating an instance of the API designer within OpenShift (apicurio) should result in the editor being available at a URL external to the OpenShift environment. All API design sessions are stateless with no persistence support (standalone) for in-progress API editing sessions.

      The combination of the ability to download an API definition and load an existing definition provide the basis for a user-managed persistence of in-progress API definitions (e.g start before lunch, finish after lunch).

      Given that the API designer is stateless, multiple users can use the designer independently. No support for collaboration between users. There should be no login/security to access the designer.


      • I can create an instance of the API designer in the service catalog.
      • I can access the API designer via url from outside the cluster.
      • Users should be able to download an API definition at any point during the editing session.
      • Editing sessions should start with an empty/new definition of an API.
      • I should also support the ability to upload an existing API definition.


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