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LogMiner ISPN event buffer recent transaction optimization


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      For Oracle Connector with Infinispan based event processor, there are 4 caches, one being recentTransactions. With Memory based event processor, this used only if LOBs are enabled. For ISPN based impl, this is not the case. There was intention to keep it there always to have better restart performance but it is contra-productive. ISPN based processor will be used with huge DBs to relieve memory storage for long running transactions. In this scenario, the recent transaction cache can grow really huge and ISPN does not perform well in that case.

      Related discussion with ccranfor@redhat.com : https://infinispan.zulipchat.com/#narrow/stream/118645-infinispan/topic/Error.3A.20.22reading.20header.20from.20248.3A4376702.22/near/402024143

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      The implementations for in memory and ISPN should be synchronized so recent transaction cache will be populated the same way (so only if the lob is enabled)

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