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table.whitelist option update for an existing connector doesn't work



      We found impossible to alter config of an existed connector.

      Requirement :
      – ability to enhance table.whitelist config property of an existed container with time.

      Steps we did :

      1. create new connector with only one table presented in table.whitelist property
      2. verify initial snapshot has been taken
      3. verify new changes were read properly from binlog
      4. PUT new config using PUT /connectors/(string: name)/config standard kafka-connect method. Config was exactly the same as we used at first step with just new table addition to table.whitelist property
      5. we noticed that config update caused graceful restart/rebalance of all existed tasks. So, the expectation was that changes were applied immediately after all tasks started again.

      Existed Behaviour :
      – nothing changed : topic wasn't created for newly added table and initial snapshot haven't been made for it

      Expected Behavior :
      – new addition to table.whitelist property had to cause initial snapshot read for new tables with appropriate topic creation and data population from binlog

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