14:19:01 14:19:01  + brew container-build devspaces-3-rhel-8-containers-candidate git+https://pkgs.devel.redhat.com/git/containers/devspaces-machineexec#6f91000d83132881f4a6c5a96818d95b3b406f42 --git-branch devspaces-3-rhel-8 --nowait
    14:19:01 14:19:01  + tee /mnt/hudson_workspace/workspace/DS_CI/get-sources-rhpkg-container-build_3.x/get-sources.log.txt
    14:19:01 14:19:01  Available commands:
    14:19:01 14:19:01  build commands:
    14:19:01 14:19:01          build                     Build a package from source
    14:19:01 14:19:01          cancel                    Cancel tasks and/or builds
    14:19:01 14:19:01          chain-build               Build one or more packages from source
    14:19:01 14:19:01          image-build               Create a disk image given an install tree
    14:19:01 14:19:01          image-build-indirection   Create a disk image using other disk images via the Indirection plugin
    14:19:01 14:19:01          maven-build               Build a Maven package from source
    14:19:01 14:19:01          maven-chain               Run a set of Maven builds in dependency order
    14:19:01 14:19:01          resubmit                  Retry a canceled or failed task, using the same parameter as the original task.
    14:19:01 14:19:01          spin-appliance            Create an appliance given a kickstart file
    14:19:01 14:19:01          spin-livecd               Create a live CD image given a kickstart file
    14:19:01 14:19:01          spin-livemedia            Create a livemedia image given a kickstart file
    14:19:01 14:19:01          win-build                 Build a Windows package from source
    14:19:01 14:19:01          wrapper-rpm               Build wrapper rpms for any archives associated with a build.


    This looks like we're not installing the koji-containerbuild rpm, eg.,


    (or RHEL equivalent)

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