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In dev-scripts, use openshift-install instead of openshift-baremetal install where possible


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    • OCPSTRAT-1312 - Create a RHEL9 build for FIPS-enabled OpenShift installations

      Since CORS-3419, it is possible to use the openshift-install binary (as well as openshift-baremetal-install) to run baremetal IPI.

      Thanks to CORS-3418, it will still be possible to use openshift-install on RHEL 8 even after it is compiled on RHEL 9. The same will not be true of openshift-baremetal-install.

      Since many (all?) dev-scripts hosts are still running on CentOS (Stream) 8, we will need to switch dev-scripts to use openshift-install when possible (i.e. 4.16 or later, at least when running on RHEL/CentOS 8) before CORS-2797 switches installer builds to RHEL 9.

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