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[capi[aws][bug] Expose the Cluster API to configure LB Target Health Check attributes for primary and additional listeners


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    • OpenShift SPLAT - Sprint 252


      • As OCP developer I would like to deploy OpenShift using the installer/CAPA to provision the infrastructure setting the health check parameters to satisfy the existing terraform implementation


      • The API listeners is created exposing different health check attributes than the terraform implementation. There is a bug to fix to the correct path when using health check protocol HTTP or HTTPS (CORS-3289)
      • The MCS listener, created using the AdditionalListeners option from the *LoadBalancer, requires advanced health check configuration to satisfy terraform implementation. Currently CAPA sets the health check with standard TCP or default path ("/") when using HTTP or HTTPS protocol.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Create CAPA cluster
      • Check the Target Groups created to route traffic to MCS (22623), for internal Load Balancers

      Actual results:

      • TCP or HTTP/S health check w/ default probe config

      Expected results:

      • API listeners with target health check using HTTPS evaluating /healthz path
      • MCS listener with target health check using HTTPS evaluating /healthz path
      • Check parameters: 2 checks in the interval of 10s, using 10s of timeout



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