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Handle etcd and kube-apiserver dependencies


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    • OCPSTRAT-1027 - Remove Terraform from OpenShift Installer. Cross-platform preparation work
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      User Story:

       I want hack/build.sh to embed the kube-apiserver and etcd dependencies in openshift-install without making external network calls so that ART/OSBS can build the installer with CAPI dependencies.

      Acceptance Criteria:

      Description of criteria:

      • dependencies are not obtained over the internet
      • gated by OPENSHIFT_INSTALL_CLUSTER_API env var
      • should work when building for various architectures

      (optional) Out of Scope:

      Engineering Details:

      • Currently the dependencies are obtained through the sync_envtest function in build-cluster-api.sh
      • Cluster API provider dependencies are vendored and built here

      This requires/does not require a design proposal.
      This requires/does not require a feature gate.

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