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As a admin, I can prepare a disconnected release bundle


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      User Story:

      As an admin, I can use openshift-install to mirror release image and bootimages based on an install-config.yaml, so that the admin no longer has to coordinate between `openshift-install` and `oc` to mirror items necessary to complete a disconnected installation.

      Exact command TBD but perhaps `openshift-install release get`


      • assume that oc is available on the path
      • openshift-install calls oc to mirror the defined release pull spec
      • openshift-install downloads boot images as necessary by platform defined install-config.yaml, verifies checksums based on embedded rhcos.json. In the future this will be updated to use `oc` or whatever to extract/generate boot images from release image
      • Container image content is written to ./bundle in --dir path in a format compatible with `oc image serve` and `oc adm release mirror`
      • Copy openshift-install into the bundle

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Everything necessary to complete an installation must be in --dir, all container image content must be in a "bundle" sub-directory

      Out of Scope:

      Catalog content is out of scope for this effort. See linked notes.

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