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Address tech debt in nav components


      Clean up tech debt in nav related components at `frontend/pulbic/components/nav/`. The following is a list of known issues:

      • Move nav components to console-app package
      • Address console-app eslint rule violations after moving
      • Fix 'startsWith' support. If the current URL path matches on one of the startsWith items, it should show as 'active' in the UI
      • Remove use of 'resource' extension property in console-app nav extensions since the property is not technically part of the dynamic plugin API. Use model + startsWith instead.
      • Refactor the NavItem, NavItemHref, NavItemResourceNS, and NavItemResourceCluster class components to function components
      • Remove NavLinkRoot component and use hooks in NavItemHref, NavItemResourceNS, and NavItemResourceCluster to accomplish the same behaviors.
      • Refactor NavItemResourceNS and NavItemResourceCluster into a single NavItemResource component.
      • We neither use nor support static plugin nav extensions anymore so we should deprecate the API in the static plugin SDK and get rid of related cruft in our current nav components.

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