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Console-operator should check if provisioned cluster is HyperShift


    • HAC Infra - Sprint 215

      Console-operator should check the Infrastructure config if the cluster is not provisioned by HyperShift. For that the operator needs to check  Infrastructure.Status.ControlPlaneToplogy field in the https://github.com/openshift/api/blob/master/config/v1/types_infrastructure.go#L92

      If the TopologyMode is set to "External" that means that the cluster was provisioned by Hypershift.

      The TopologyMode needs to be passed to the console via console-config.yaml that console-operator is generating. Ideally the TopologyMode should be a new field under ClusterInfo type.


      Acceptance criteria:

      • console-operator should check the Infrastructure config for TopologyMode and generate the console-config.yaml with that value
      • add new `TopologyMode` field under ClusterInfo type
      • add e2e tests

            jhadvig@redhat.com Jakub Hadvig
            jhadvig@redhat.com Jakub Hadvig
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