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Ensure compatibility of OpenShift console for HyperShift Provisioned Clusters


    • Ensure compatibility of OpenShift console for HyperShift Provisioned Clusters
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      Epic Goal

      HyperShift provisions OpenShift clusters with externally managed control-planes. It follows a slightly different process for provisioning clusters. For example, HyperShift uses cluster API as a backend and moves all the machine management bits to the management cluster.  

      Why is this important?

      showing machine management/cluster auto-scaling tabs in the console is likely to confuse users and cause unnecessary side effects. 

      Definition of Done

      • MachineConfig and MachineConfigPool should not be present, they should be either removed or hidden when the cluster is spawned using HyperShift. 
      • Cluster Settings show say the control plane is externally managed and be read-only.
      • Cluster Settings -> Configuration resources should be read-only, maybe hide the tab
      • Some resources should go in an allowlist. Most will be hidden
      • Review getting started steps

      See Design Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k76JtRRHBdCCEjHPqKcYvbNVsuaGmRhWDLESWIm0mbo/edit#


      Setup / Testing

      It's based on the SERVER_FLAG controlPlaneTopology being set to External is really the driving factor here; this can be done in one of two ways:

      • Locally via a Bridge Variable, export BRIDGE_CONTROL_PLANE_TOPOLOGY_MODE="External"
      • Locally / OnCluster via modifying the window.SERVER_FLAGS.controlPlaneTopology to External in the dev tools

      To test work related to cluster upgrade process, use a 4.10.3 cluster set on the candidate-4.10 upgrade channel using 4.11 frontend code.

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