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Phase 2 - Unite Consoles (ACM, OCP)


    • Phase 2 - Unite Consoles (ACM, OCP)
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      Key Objective
      Providing our customers with a single simplified User Experience(Hybrid Cloud Console)that is extensible, can run locally or in the cloud, and is capable of managing the fleet to deep diving into a single cluster. 
      Why customers want this?

      1. Single interface to accomplish their tasks
      2. Consistent UX and patterns
      3. Easily accessible: One URL, one set of credentials

      Why we want this?

      • Shared code -  improve the velocity of both teams and most importantly ensure consistency of the experience at the code level
      • Pre-built PF4 components
      • Accessibility & i18n
      • Remove barriers for enabling ACM

      Phase 1 Goal: Get something to market (OCP 4.8, ACM 2.3)
      Phase 1 —> OCP deploys ACM Hub Operator —> ACM Perspective becomes available —> User can switch between ACM multi-cluster view and local OCP Console —> No SSO user has to login in twice

      Phase 2 Goal: Productization of the united Console (OCP 4.9, ACM 2.4)

      1. Enable user to quickly change context from fleet view to single cluster view
        1. Add Cluster selector with “All Cluster” Option. “All Cluster” = ACM
        2. Shared SSO across the fleet
        3. Hub OCP Console can connect to remote clusters API
        4. When ACM Installed the user starts from the fleet overview aka “All Clusters”
      2. Share UX between views
        1. ACM Search —> resource list across fleet -> resource details that are consistent with single cluster details view
        2. Add Cluster List to OCP —> Create Cluster

      Phase 2  Use Cases:

      1.  As a user, I want to be able to quickly switch context from the Fleet view(ACM) to any spoke cluster Console view all from the same web browser tab.
        1. ACM Hub Operator deployed to OCP—> Cluster picker become available, with “All cluster option”= ACM —> Single cluster user will get perspective picker(Admin, Dev) —> User needs the ability to quickly change context to single cluster —> All clusters should be linked via shared SSO
      2. As a user, I should be able to drill down into resources in the ACM view and get the OCP resource details page
        1. ACM Hub Operator deployed to OCP—> User Searches for pods from the ACM view("All clusters")--> Single pod is selected --> OCP pod detail page

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