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[POC] Remove hard-coded cluster list from multi-cluster POC


    • Console - Sprint 199

      Follow on to CONSOLE-2748. The cluster list should no longer be hard-coded to one additional cluster. Get the list of clusters from ACM. The backend will need to be updated so that it can proxy to any cluster.


      • Determine if there is a way to get the CA file for the cluster if it's a self-signed certificate.
      • Determine if the backend (or console operator) should request the cluster list or the frontend. Regardless there will be backend changes.


      • This story does not deal with version skew across clusters in the fleet. For the POC, we can assume all clusters will be at the same version.
      • Assume the user is kubeadmin. We don't necessarily need to use the console service account to fetch the cluster list for this POC.

      Technical Details:

      Once you have ACM installed, the kube api server might be available at:

      ManagedClusterInfo > spec.masterEndpoint
      ClusterDeployment > status.apiURL (if cluster was provisioned from ACM/Hive)

      For a quick list of managed clusters, you could query the projects by this label:


      ACM has a namespace per managed cluster.

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • Working code that builds on the existing prototype and uses the ACM cluster list to populate the dropdown.
      • Document any limitations or problems that arise during the prototype.

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