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[POC] Prototype OCP console showing data from another cluster


    • Console - Sprint 197

      In the ACM/OCP integartion phase 2 designs, an OCP console running on the hub cluster should be able to show data from other clusters in the fleet. We need to prototype this to verify that this can be implemented.


      • Verify that the console backend can proxy requests to API servers on multiple clusters
      • Determine the scope of the frontend and backend code changes needed to support this
      • Determine if there are other technical challenges we haven't considered


      • This prototype will not solve authentication/SSO across clusters
      • This prototype will not show resources from more than one cluster in a single list (no "All clusters" option)
      • While we might be able to use the prototype code in future work, no code is expected to be committed


      2 clusters: hub + managed cluster: OCP web console running on the hub, able to show data from another cluster in the fleet.
      The clusters do not need to share IDPs. It's acceptable to hard-code access tokens. Cluster list can be hard-coded.

      Acceptance Criteria

      Working code that

      • Adds a cluster selector to the OCP console frontend
      • Allows the user open the OCP console on the hub cluster and view Deployments / Pods / Pod logs on managed cluster

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