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Update console operator for single-node clusters


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    • OCPPLAN-5819 - Single Node OpenShift - "Production Edge" - 4.8 - dev-preview
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      The console operator will need to support single-node clusters.

      We have a console deployment and downloads deployment. Each will to be updated so that there's only a single replica when high availability mode is disabled in the Infrastructure config. We should also remove the anti-affinity rule in the console deployment that tries to spread console pods across nodes.

      The downloads deployment is currently a static manifest. That likely needs to be created by the console operator instead going forward.

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • Console operator deploys console with 1 replica and no anti-affinity rules when not in high availability mode
      • Console operator deploys the downloads deployment with 1 replica when not in high availability mode
      • The console and downloads deployments do not change when in high availability mode
      • The feature is well-covered by tests

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