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Add Advanced Cluster Management option to the perspective switcher



    • Console - Sprint 200, Console - Sprint 201


      The console should detect the presence of the ACM operator and add an Advanced Cluster Management item to the perspective switcher. We will need to work with the ACM team to understand how to detect the operator and how to discover the ACM URL.

      Additionally, we will need to provide a query parameter or URL fragment to indicate which perspective to use. This will allow ACM to link back to the a specific perspective since it will share the same perspective switcher in its UI. ACM will need to be able to discover the console URL.

      This story does not include handling SSO, which will be tracked in a separate story.

      We need to determine what RBAC checks to make before showing the ACM link.

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. Console shows a link to ACM in its perspective switcher
      2. Console provides a way for ACM to link back to a specific perspective
      3. The ACM option only appears when the ACM operator is installed
      4. ACM should open in the same browser tab to give the appearance of it being one application
      5. Only users with appropriate RBAC should see the link (access review TBD)




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