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Allow operators installed globally to display operand instances for all managed namespaces in their details



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      When viewing the Installed Operators list set to 'All projects' and then selecting an operator that is available in 'All namespaces' (globally installed,) upon clicking the operator to view its details the user is taken into the details of that operator in installed namespace (project selector will switch to the install namespace.)

      This can be disorienting then to look at the lists of custom resource instances and see them all blank, since the lists are showing instances only in the currently selected project (the install namespace) and not across all namespaces the operator is available in.

      It is likely that making use of the new Operator resource will improve this experience (CONSOLE-2240,) though that may still be some releases away. it should be considered if it's worth a "short term" fix in the meantime.

      Note: The informational alert was not implemented. It was decided that since "All namespaces" is displayed in the radio button, the alert was not needed.



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