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[EAP][CD][7.2] scale up, new EAP pod ready before it joined the cluster, sessions lost during merge


    • CLOUD Maintenance Sprint 27

      With current EAP builds (EAP CD, EAP 7.2) When scaling up (under load), the time it takes the new node to join the cluster seems to be significantly higher that it is with jboss-eap-7/eap71-openshift:1.3.

      More imporantly, in our test scenario, the new pod is ready before it joins the cluster (so it is receiving traffic) and the sessions such initiated are lost when the node joins the rest of the cluster.

      Scenario: simple <distributable/> servlet, storing an integer counter into session
      scaling from 2 to 3 under load (256 clients with random 0-20s delay before each request), no encryption, openshift.DNS_PING

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