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Make user defined resource tags on EC2 instances updatable


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    • OCPPLAN-8154 - Apply user defined tags to all resources created by OpenShift (AWS)
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      RFE-2012 aims to make the user-defined resource tags feature GA. This means that user defined tags should be updatable.

      Currently the user-defined tags during install are passed directly as parameters of the Machine and Machineset resources for the master and worker. As a result these tags cannot be updated by consulting the Infrastructure resource of the cluster where the user defined tags are written.

      The MCO should be changed such that during provisioning the MCO looks up the values of the tags in the Infrastructure resource and adds the tags during creation of the EC2 resources. The MCO should also watch the infrastructure resource for changes and when the resource tags are updated it should update the tags on the EC2 instances without restarts.

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • e2e test where the ResourceTags are updated and then the test verifies that the tags on the ec2 instances are updated without restarts. now moved to CFE-179

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