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AWS STS Implement procedure for migrating from a public s3 bucket OIDC to a private s3 bucket OIDC with CloudFront Distribution


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      As an administrator of a cluster utilizing AWS STS with a public S3 bucket OIDC provider, I would like a documented procedure with steps that can be followed to migrate to a private S3 bucket with CloudFront Distribution so that I do not have to recreate my cluster.

      ccoctl documentation including parameter `--create-private-s3-bucket`: https://github.com/openshift/cloud-credential-operator/blob/a8ee8a426d38cca3f7339ecd0eac88f922b6d5a0/docs/ccoctl.md

      Existing manual procedure for configuring private S3 bucket with CloudFront Distribution: https://github.com/openshift/cloud-credential-operator/blob/master/docs/sts-private-bucket.md



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