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Expose CSI driver metrics to Telemetry


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      User Story

      As an OpenShift engineer
      I want to know which clusters are using the Shared Resource CSI Driver
      So that I can be proactive in supporting customers who are using this tech preview feature

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Key metrics for the shared resource CSI driver are exported to Telemeter via the cluster monitoring operator.

      Docs Impact

      None - metrics exported to telemetry are not formally documented.

      QE Impact

      QE can verify that the query/recording rule for cluster monitoring operator returns data if the cluster has the Shared Resource CSI driver installed and utilizes a SharedSecret or SharedConfigMap in a pod/workload.

      PX Impact

      Insights rules can potentially be created off of these exported metrics. This would allow CEE to identify which clusters are using SharedSecrets or SharedConfigMaps, especially if we are exporting mount failure metrics.


      To implement, a prometheus query/recording rule needs to be added to the cluster monitoring operator. Once approved by the monitoring team, the metric data will be available on DataHub once 4.10 clusters are installed with the updated version of the monitoring operator.

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