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      Add a new installer subcommand, openshift-install agent create config-image.

      The should create a small ISO (i.e. not a CoreOS boot image) containing just the configuration files from the automation flow:

      • rendezvousIP config file
      • ClusterDeployment manifest
      • AgentPullSecret manifest
      • AgentClusterInstall manifest
      • TLS certs for admin kubeconfig
      • password hash for kubeadmin console password
      • NMStateConfig
      • extra manifests
      • hostnames
      • hostconfig (roles, root device hints)
      • ClusterImageSet manifest (for version verification)

      The contents in the disk could be in any format, but should be optimised to make it simple for the service in AGENT-562 to read.

            bfournie@redhat.com Robert Fournier
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