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ZTP support for extra manifests


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      The `agent create image` command supports fetching extra manifests placed by the user in the `/openshift` folder within the assets dir.

      For ZTP, we should wrap each manifest in a ConfigMap. (ZTP supports - and used to require - multiple manifests in a single ConfigMap, but k8s has a size limit on ConfigMaps, so it is safer to separate them.) All of these ConfigMaps can then be written to a single file, cluster-manifests/extra_manifests.yaml. The names of the ConfigMaps should be listed in the manifestsConfigMapRefs field in the AgentClusterInstall CR. It is the ConfigMaps in the cluster-manifests directory that should be copied to the ISO, since the user may edit them or supply their own. However, the manifests may be extracted from the ConfigMaps by the installer if that is easier than having the API client do it.

      Open questions:

      • What to do if the user provides simultaneously both the `/openshfit` files and the `/cluster-manifests/extra_manifests.yaml`? It could be considered as an erroneous /  not supported scenario, or at least decide a priority with a warning message
      • Should the `agent create manifests`command be able to generate the configmaps if the `/openshift` folder contains some extra manifests?


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