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Move DashBuilder to kogito-tooling


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      Create new a single repository for Dashbuilder with all required projects. It should include DashBuilder WebApp and DashBuilder Runtime.


      In the new repository Dashbuilder will be released as part of Kogito Tooling. The released binaries will be:


      • DashBuilder Runtime: A JAR containing DashBuilder Runtime. It can be executed using:
      java -jar dashbuilder-runtime-app.jar

      All the previous bootstrap switches for DashBuilder will be in place. The main changes to the 7.x versions are:

      1. No more deployable WAR, a fat JAR is used instead;
      2. No login required;
      3. New uploads are disabled by default. New bootstrap switch dashbuilder.runtime.allowUpload  can be used to enable it.


      • DashBuilder Authoring: Based on Dashbuilder WebApp, Authoring is a smaller version with focus on creating dashboards to run on DB Runtime or import and modify existing dashboards. It is distributed as a bootable JAR or a WAR that can be deployed on EAP/Wildfly. The WAR should be used if users want to author SQL datasets, in this case dashbuilder wil used datasources defined in Widlfly. To start the JAR simply use: 
      java -jar dashbuilder-authoring-bootable.jar

      The main changes for Authoring from Webapp 7.x version are:

      1.  No more login. DB Authoring is like an editor that can edit ZIP file exported from other authoring environments and then export it;
      2. No more internal GIT. All files are saved in a directory called .dashbuilder. You can change the location using the system property org.dashbuilder.project.location. The dashbuilder path will contains 4 directories:
        1. datasets: Used to store datasets definitions and uploaded CSV files;
        2. perspectives: Used to store pages
        3. navigation: to store navigation
        4. tmp: where uploaded content is stored. It is not included in the dashbuilder export ZIP
      3. It has 3 functionalities:
        1. Manage Datasets
        2. Manage Pages and Navigation
        3. Import/Export


      Additionally the binaries files will also be available as container using the following repositories: 

      • quay.io/kogito_tooling_bot/dashbuilder-authoring -> Dashbuilder authoring WAR deployed on Widlfly 23. 
      • quay.io/kogito_tooling_bot/dashbuilder-runtime -> Runtime to execute dashboards exported from Authoring;

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