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Design an ACM policy type for operator installation management


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      A common usage for ACM policies is to install operators on a fleet of clusters. The issue is that it's not particularly easy to write those policies, especially when accounting for installation status checking. Uninstall is also difficult because pruneObjectBehavior can't be used.

      This task is to design a new policy type that is designed for installing, upgrading, and uninstalling policies. Some basic status checking would be built in such as checking the installation status provided by OLM. Also, if possible, it'd be good if the Deployments created by the operator were checked to ensure they are running pods successfully.

      Ideally, the new policy type would be handled in the Configuration Policy controller as a separate controller.


      InstallPlan Approvals

      Note from Gus regarding InstallPlan approvals.  Multiple requests have come regarding being able to approve installplans.  With new features in the policy framework we are much closer to being able to help here.  Example requests:

      Idea: InstallPlan approval (when manual approval is configured) should be controllable through a policy that can place a dependency on another policy.  This could allow operator upgrades to happen in maintenance windows if the dependent policy is only Compliant/nonCompliant based on being in maintenance mode (operator upgrade allowed mode). Other ideas welcome too

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